Frequently Asked Questions

How it works:

Tri-Match Casino provides you an opportunity for a virtual poker casino experience and the ability to see how you stack up against the best players in the world, including friends, via our global leaderboard! We currently offer 4 game types with different limit levels: Match-3, Texas Hold-Em, Video Poker, and BlackJack.


How does the Leaderboard work?

  • The leaderboard will show your cumulative point score and how you stack up against other players. This will also show if you qualify to win one of the progressive Jackpots we offer (Mega, Bonus, or Mini).

When does the Leaderboard start/reset?

  • Leaderboard scores are locked on 12pm EST every Monday morning. Your score at that time is your final score and leaderboard rank for the week. This also resets the leaderboard so you would start the new week at 12:01pm EST.

What are the different Leaderboards?

The 3 different Leaderboard views are as follows:

  1. Global Leaderboard - This is the first tab and the one that is open by default when you launch the game. The global leaderboard shows how you rank against all the other players for the particular week.

  2. Friends Leaderboard- This is the second tab on the right hand side. If you are connected to Facebook it will show how you rank against your Facebook friends who are also playing. If you are not connected, you will be given the option to connect when you click on this tab.

  3. Mini Leaderboard - This is a smaller version of the global leaderboard that can be accessed while playing a card game. This allows you to see how you’re progressing in real time/during a game,  without having to go to the lobby.


How do Jackpots work?

  • Jackpots award Game Chips based on your ranking. If you are in a certain percentile in relation to the Global Leaderboard, you would qualify for a specific Jackpot.

What are the percentiles you need to fall within to qualify for a Jackpot?

  • Percentiles are set at 1% for Mega, 10% for Major, and 50% for Mini. If your leaderboard rank pegs you in the top 50% of players, you qualify for AT LEAST the Mini Jackpot!

What are the different Jackpots?

We offer 3 different Jackpots, which are as follows:

  1. Mega Jackpot - (Highest Payout) available to top 1% of players

  2. Major Jackpot - (Middle Payout) available to top 10% of players

  3. Mini Jackpot - (Lower Payout) available to top 50% of players

How do I know if I won the Jackpot?

  • Tournaments end each week on Monday at 12pm EST. The first time you open the app after this time, you will be credited with your Jackpot Chips should you be a winner for that week. You will receive an on-screen confirmation at that time.

How do I know which percentile I fall in?

Your score and name are color coded on the leaderboard to depict which percentile you fall under for the current tournament:

Mega Jackpot (Top 1% of players) - Green

Major Jackpot (Top 10% of players) - Red

Mini Jackpot (Top 50% of players) - Blue

How many chips does each Jackpot offer?

  • This will always be different, but is consistently going up. The rate at which the Jackpot increases is based on a number of variables, such as but not limited to, the amount of global play and activity that week. The current chip prize can be found at any given time by going to your Home Screen and reviewing the current Jackpot Total at the top of the screen.


How do I sign up?

  • You can sign up by connecting to Facebook via the Lobby. If you do not connect via Facebook then you have an option to click on the Guest Login option. Guest Login will prompt you to

1) Create a guest name (This must be unique)

2) Choose from 1 of 4 Avatars to represent your Leaderboard Icon

How do I change my Leaderboard Icon?

  • When connected to Facebook, your profile photo will be your Leaderboard Icon. If you are playing as a guest, you have the choice to choose between the 4 default card symbols as your icon. These must be chosen at the time you create the account and cannot be updated after that.

How do I deactivate my account?

How can I be added/removed from the mailing list?

How can I edit my general settings (notifications, sounds, etc.)?

  • Notifications can be turned on/off by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom left hand corner of the app when you are inside the main lobby

  • You also have the ability to connect to Facebook and alter the sound level for the in-app music and sound effects

Technical Issues

I am experiencing an issue with the app, what can I do?

  • If you are experiencing a technical issue, please first attempt to restart your app completely. If this does not help, please attempt the troubleshooting tips below in order:

  1. Uninstall/Reinstall your Tri-Match app (Make sure to jot down your login information first)

  2. Restart your Device

  3. Turn your Wi-Fi off/on or attempt to connect with Mobile Data if possible to see if this helps

  • If you are still experiencing trouble after these steps, please contact with a description of your issue and any screenshots you can provide.

My Chips

Where can I see my current chip total?

  • You can find your current chip total at the bottom of the app when on the home screen or while playing one of the 4 games we offer. Your chips will always show directly on the bottom banner between the home button and the shopping cart.

I believe I won a hand but do not see the chips credited, what now?

  • In a case where you believe you were not credited for a winning hand, please contact and provide as much information as you can. Information should include what time, or as close to the time as possible, that this occurred, what hand you had vs. what hand the dealer had, any screenshots you can provide, any technical issues you experienced, etc.

The Tri-Match Support Team will be able to check your Account History Logs and confirm if there was an issue

Games and Rules

I don’t know how to play! Is there a tutorial?

  • Excluding the Match-3 Game, each game we offer also offers a playable tutorial, found by clicking on the “Rules” button in the top right corner when you are playing the specific game. A detailed description on how to play Match 3 can be found below.

How to play Match 3

  • Match 3 is a classic Bejeweled style matching game that uses slot symbols as ‘gems’. This is a game that should be used to earn chips when depleted, or to build chips in general, to use for the other Casino games available. You receive points by matching 3 or more symbols vertically or horizontally. Each piece is worth 5 points so if you match 3 symbols, you earn 15 points.

  • Match 3 has two modes that the app chooses from for you to play:

  1. Moves - This restricts you to a limited number of moves before the game ends

  2. Timer - This mode has no move restrictions but is on a timer



You can swipe to select pair of symbols to swap for a potential match


You can tap a pair of items to swap for a potential match

Earning Chips in Match 3

  • Each match 3 board will drop a set # of chips

  • When you match the symbols, chips will add to your bank immediately

Tri-Match Store and Payments

Where can I find the store?

  • The store can be found by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the bottom right corner of the app, located on the banner

What payment types do you accept?

  • All payments and payment options are accepted through your app store. If you would like to update or check on any payment sources, you can do the following:

    • For Android Players:

      • Open the Google Play Store App

      • Click on the Menu in the top left corner

      • Click 'Account'

      • Click 'Payment Methods'

    • For iOS Players:

      • Go to your device settings and click 'Your Name' > 'iTunes & App Store'

      • Tap your Apple ID > View Apple ID (You may be asked to sign in)

      • Click 'Payment Information'

Do you save my payment information?

  • We do not store any payment information inside the app. All payments are completed through your app store

What if my payment doesn’t go through?

What can I purchase inside the store?

  • The Tri-Match store allows you to purchase additional chip bundles. We are always updating and providing discounted offers so make sure to check back regularly!

Who can I contact regarding payment inquiries?